ReqRoute Has Been Certified by State of Pennsylvania as a Small and Diversity-Owned Business – and More States to Come

Milpitas, CA – Feb 7, 2014: ReqRoute is one of the leading recruitment companies in California. They are well-known for being a small and diversity-owned company that has expanded throughout Silicon Valley. As many companies have multiple locations, it has resulted in the company expanding.

Exponential growth has been seen over the past 12 months with ReqRoute. Recently, the state of Pennsylvania has certified ReqRoute for being a small and diverse business, which allows them to work more effectively with government contractors. This allows the company to offer their recruitment strategies while allowing companies to get credit from the state.

The “diversity” aspect of the certification is an important one when they want to do business with the government. The government has equal opportunity clauses built into their contracts. Contractors must do a specific percentage of business with veteran, female, and diversity-owned businesses. ReqRoute is classified as both diverse and small, making it easier to obtain a larger percentage of business from such contracts.

The recruiting company has also been going through a similar process for certification with Michigan, Illinois, Texas, California, and Arizona. This certification will allow the company to continue to expand. It will also allow them to share their unique strategy of recruitment with a larger number of companies.

The company has gained a reputation for using social media networks for building a social media strategy and leveraging the online word of mouth to reach more candidates. “We offer temporary, permanent, and contract recruitment services. As we expand, our hope is to help larger companies with their recruitment needs across the entire country,” comments one of the recruiters.

Many companies that use recruitment services end up using multiple recruitment companies because of having offices around the country. “It would be nice to use ReqRoute for all of our recruiting needs for the purpose of simplicity,” comments one of their clients that have offices in all 50 states. “It would save us both time and money.”

ReqRoute was named as one of the fastest-growing private companies in 2013 and they continue to build. The company stands behind their products and allow clients to concentrate on the core aspects of their own business without having to worry about the recruitment aspect. named the company as one of the 5000 fastest-growing companies and after that, the American Registry seconded the honor with an addition to the “Registry of Excellence”.

While company headquarters remain in Milpitas, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, the certification from the state of Pennsylvania has demonstrated the need for more offices around the state. Executives are currently working on certifications for five other states with more to come later in 2014. This ensures that the company will have the desired presence around the country to meet the needs of their nationwide clients.
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